Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alumni Show!

That's right.  It's and actual ART update!  How crazy is that?!

I finished a painting the day before my latest surgery.  It took 3 (or 4?  No, 3) sessions - and I love it!  I usually nit pick a painting To. Death.  It'll hang on my wall for ages as I walk by and try to decide if I can live with the "mistakes" or if I should just leave them.  I try to leave them.  I really do.  But I'm not always successful.  A painting is never truly done - it's a cliche for a reason.  But not this one.  I finished it.  I like it.  It's done.  AND it's now been accepted into the AASU Alumni Show in early October.  :)

Now I'm off to enjoy this beautiful Fall day - I have butternut and acorn squash I have to figure out how to cook.  Probably a yummy soup - perfect for a cooler evening.  Feel free to post any recipes you might have!


  1. I love your painting! How much are you asking? Am I allowed to ask that? Great MI colors... :)
    Enjoy your squash...I have no recipes really. I've baked them, cut in half, cut side down and scraped them from their shells...butter, salt and pepper. I'm a simple girl. Happy Fall!

  2. I made acorn squash casserole once that involved
    Vanilla Wafers crushed up - YUM. butternut squash is delicious as a soup, too. Marvelous painting!! I love it. No mistakes.

  3. $295

    I just ended up using them as holiday decor. :)

  4. That sounds great!!! Love your painting. Congratulations on it being chosen! :) Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing! :)